This department is composed of three stages: KGI (3 years), KGII (4 years), and KGIII (5 years).
The child is accepted at this department upon completing a special interview with the parents and the child. This department is equipped with diverse instruments and modern educational games, supervised by specialized and competent teachers who possess a vast experience in infants’ matters in order to positively prepare kids to enter the elementary stage, throughout insuring the balance between the requirements of the child’s growth on physiological, motor skills, sentimental and mental levels.


This level is composed of the first cycle "Cycle 1" that includes the following classes: the first, second and third elementary grades, in addition to the second cycle "Cycle 2"  that consists of the fourth, fifth and sixth elementary grades.
It seeks to ensure the basic amount of knowledge and the required skills to integrate children to a civilized society; by promoting self-confidence, independence, civilized behavior and cooperative work. It aims at teaching students new skills that enhance the linguistic and mental interaction at the comprehension, reading, writing and oral levels. Furthermore, it motivates them to read and develop their scientific and mathematical skills. It provides, environmental and health knowledge principles; in addition to integrating information technology in the learning process. The school also gives importance to initiate the students technical, motor and sports abilities as well as their artistic skills.

Intermediate & Secondary

Basic Education – Third Cycle: This level consists of the third cycle that includes seventh, eighth and ninth grades. In the early cycles, the school aims at developing the students various skills. In this cycle we emphasize on helping them recognize and promote individual abilities and orientations in order to give them the opportunity to continue their studies or to enter the public life. We ought to give them the necessary training which promotes the students’ citizenship values, in addition to his national, human, cultural and civil identity.  
Secondary Education: In addition to preparing students to the government official exams, the school gives them the opportunity to recognize and practice their rights, obligations and laws, and to express their opinion in accordance with the prevailing laws and basic principles related to the Lebanese social, political, and economic system, and to practice their role as responsible citizens. We also aim at preparing students to make the right choice in terms of their higher education and future career equipped with the adequate knowledge, theories and practical information in the cultural, scientific and technological fields, and that is through the career and academic orientation awareness programs.



Makeup and entrance Exams

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